A fire can turn your personal and business life upside down. Property damage, personal injury and/or death as well as lost work time are just some of the outcomes that can result from a fire. The time it takes to recover from a fire incident is substantial - yet, there are ways to protect you and your loved ones from this experience. Install a home and/or business fire-monitoring system that can protect you from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide. We offer:

  • Factory trained technicians that can recommend the best solution for your needs
  • Professional installation and follow-up
  • If your system is tripped at anytime - a signal is sent to a UL listed 24-Hour Monitoring Response Center, where professionally trained dispatchers can respond to any and all emergencies
  • Protection from burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, water damage, high and low temperature fluctuations as well as medical emergencies 
  • Local 24-hour smoke and fire monitoring

With a fire system installed by Austin Locksmithing & Security Inc. in place, your home and/or business can stay protected while you are at home, work or away - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.