According to national statistics, homes without some type of burglar alarm are three times as likely to be broken into than those that have a home security system. Last year alone, 2.7 million burglaries were reported to law enforcement agencies across the nation. Commercial establishments face a similar reality and need to protect their assets. All of these concerns can be minimized with the installation of a security system by Austin Locksmithing & Security Inc. Benefits of enlisting our services include:

  • 24-Hour Monitoring Response Center - if your security is tripped at anytime, a signal is sent to a UL Listed Response Center, where professionally trained dispatchers can respond to any emergency at any time of day or night
  • Reduced risk of business downtime as the result of theft or vandalism
  • Protection of inventory, assets and most important - employees
  • Window bar guards
  • Local 24-hour burglar monitoring
  • Employee protection through 24-hour panic alarms
  • Professional installation and follow-up
  • 24-hour peace of mind

The time is now to reduce your worry and ensure that your home and business are safe. Talk to our professionals and understand your options when it comes to protecting your home, business and loved ones.